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We help you develop the full potential of your complex value network in the industry of Fashion.

Management Consulting for Management and Organization of the Enterprise

We improve the quality of the processes

Ensuring the quality of the product throughout the supply chain is not easy. This is especially true in the complex supply chains of the Fashion industry which branch out and comprise a multitude of agents, businesses, artisans and art masters who are often located in non-contiguous territories. The quality is obtained with a robust standardization of the operational processes and is spread through all activities along the value chain: design standards, training chain, operational support, regular audits, acquisition of rigorous quantitative metrics.

We reduce waste

The top products of the fashion and luxury goods industry are very expensive to produce: no exception to the top quality of the final product is to be tolerated. It often happens that in search of maximizing excellence along the supply chain aspects of cost efficiency and reducing waste are neglected. Only recently Fashion industry companies are introducing “Lean Manufacturing” management practices that can provide assistance in this regard but they find that the value chains are totally unprepared to implement these specific management tools.

We introduce technological innovations

The introduction of new technologies can create value through improvements in production speed, integration of information throughout the supply chain, and improving the customer experience. The introduction of new technologies must be approached through a rigorous implementation model that will reduce risks and ensure full return on investment. Digital technologies in particular can bring great benefits to both the rationalization of operations and the marketing mix.

We offer the following Professional Services

Strategy and Marketing

We help you to choose new paths and opportunities.

Corporate Finance

We help you evaluate business performance and manage the financial flows.

Business Organization

We help you organize operational activities for improved efficiency.

Systems and Technologies

We help you implement new technologies to work better.


We work for some of the leading Fashion Brands that produce in Italy

International Fashion Brands

Our main customers are some of the best known international fashion and luxury brands which are produced in Italy. For privacy reasons we cannot name them. On their behalf we take care of business innovation projects in particular along the chain of suppliers based in Italy. Often we deal with operations, training or introduction of new organizational procedures. With client Brands we jointly develop business plans and goals which we then independently implement along the supply chain.

Fashion SMEs

We also help some of the medium-sized companies in Fashion to design and implement improvement plans. We assist various types of companies: footwear, leather, weaving, finishing, clothing, retail… When working with these businesses we often deal with issues of strategy and marketing. We also assist with issues of corporate finance and subsidized financing to help businesses find the resources to develop their innovation plans.

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